Step 1


Register Using “Event Vendors  > Vendor Registration “

Step 2


After Registration user will be logged in. if not logged in then please login to your account using username/email address and password by “Event Vendors  > Vendor Login”

Step 3


After Login Open Subscription page using “Event Vendors > Vendor Account “. On this page choose from free or paid subscription package.

Step 4

Submit Your Listing

After Purchasing Subscription Package Open “Event Vendors > Vendor Account ” page. and on this page Open “Submit Your Listing” Page. Add your listing Detail and submit detail.

Once Your detail submitted and verified your listing will be available on “Event Vendors > Vendor List” Page. If you want to modify your detail you can do it using “Event Vendors > Vendor Account ” then Open Your Listing page and clicking on “edit” link given on that page